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Windows 10 update removes some third-party apps

Complaints about Microsoft's Windows 10 November update have started appearing in numerous threads on the social media site Reddit. The latest complaint, as noted by Venturebeat, claims that the update has removed some third party apps such as CPU-Z and AMD Catalyst Control Center from users’ systems.

Strangely, this phenomenon only appears to happen on some systems not all users’ systems are being affected. However, other complaints have highlighted that other users have had programs such as CCleaner, Intel WiDi Remote, Speccy and Cisco VPN mysteriously removed after the Windows 10 Upgrade.

Because of these third party programs disappearing, users on Reddit are speculating that it might not be simply a bug but perhaps it is a strategically proactive move by Microsoft, aimed at removing incorrect driver versions or faulty drivers. The purpose of removing these drivers is to prevent other system issues that might cause Windows 10 to crash, for example through the dreaded blue screen of death.

Consequently, the Windows update decides that it is best to remove the source of these potential problems, by disabling and removing the offending versions of these programs and filing them away in the 'Windows.old' folder where they can do no harm.

While this upgrade strategy should probably be seen as a clear insight as to what users can expect from Microsoft’s new Windows 10 operating system as-a-service approach, it should also raises some concerns. While no doubt many users may feel that Microsoft is only trying to help with avoiding potential installation issues and this is of benefit to those users who do not want to deal with troubleshooting their system.

Some PC power users are taking issue with Windows 10 removing their third party software without asking first. However, this is core to Microsoft’s OS-as-a-Service approach, so this is unlikely to be the last we hear of such instances, where Microsoft knows best.

Image source: Shutterstock/tanuha2001