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Apple's products dominate the enterprise market

Google's Android might own Apple's iOS in general market share, but when we look at specific markets – in this particular case the enterprise market – things are quite different.

According to a recently released Mobility Index Report, written by Good Technology (powered by BlackBerry), it's Apple's operating system which dominates.

In this market, 66 per cent of devices activated in the third quarter of the year were iPhones and iPads, 31 per cent were Android, and 3 per cent that remain went to Windows and Windows Phone devices.

As good as it may seem, Apple has actually lost some ground in the last couple of years. In Q4 2014, the number stood at 77 per cent. In Q4 2014, 73 per cent.

The tablet front also shows a difficult battle: iPad has risen from 64 per cent a quarter earlier, to 71 per cent, while Android fell from 25 to 21 per cent. However, in the long run, iPads have lost considerable ground, which only shows that the tablet market will only get more diverse.

Apple's iOS leads the way in public sector, financial services, insurance and education activations, while Android comes out on top in high-tech and transportation sector activations, if only just.

Mobile apps are also an interesting field, with the number of app activations rising 30 percent quarter-over-quarter and 188 percent year-over-year. The number of enterprises using two or more apps rose to 70 per cent, up from 67 per cent a quarter earlier. The most popular app in the enterprise market is the secure browser, with 37 per cent of app deployments.