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Samsung Knox used by 4 million users worldwide

Samsung's Knox security solution is now being used by four million users worldwide, the company announced in a blog post. The milestone was achieved two years after Knox was released.

In an editorial written by Samsung's vice-president of B2B development IT and mobile communications, Young-Jip Kim, the global adaptation of the South Korean company’s security solution is increasing in the enterprise market.

“Just two years since its introduction, the number of users who have adopted KNOX as their enterprise solution has reached four million. Moreover, the rate of adoption has been gaining momentum,” he wrote in the editorial.

The number of Knox users has grown significantly since May 2014. Back then the service had 1.8 million users.

It is estimated that mobile devices for business use will make up at least 30 per cent of the global mobile device market, he says, adding that Knox has products that can satisfy all types of needs.

First launched in 2013, the Knox Solution was back then part of Samsung’s latest smartphone model, the Galaxy S4. It was created to address Android’s security issues, and was updated to Knox 2.0 in May 2014, when the Galaxy S5 launched.

The Samsung Knox technology aims to provide security features that enable consumers to divide their personal and work lives using the same smartphone. The user only needs to press an icon that switches their phone from personal to work use and vice versa without any waiting time or rebooting. The technology is reportedly similar to that of Blackberry's Balance feature.