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HPE partners with Microsoft for enterprise cloud services

In an effort to improve its cloud offerings, HP Enterprise (HPE) has just announced a partnership with Microsoft. HPE will be working alongside Microsoft to implement its cloud computing platform Microsoft Azure to handle its enterprise cloud services.

Under the new agreement, Microsoft will become a preferred public cloud provider of HPE and HPE will likewise become a preferred provider of Microsoft Azure services. What brought these two companies together is that they share similar beliefs in regard to a hybrid approach for enterprises. HPE and Microsoft both see a chance to simplify hybrid infrastructure for their consumers through this partnership.

HPE is planning to close down its own public cloud service next year which will allow Microsoft to step in and fill the void experienced by HPE's current customers. In this way, HPE's customers will be more likely to make the switch to Microsoft's cloud services instead of turning to other public cloud providers.

Amazon and Google both offer cloud services and HP could have decided to side with either of them as opposed to Microsoft. The reason it did not though is the fact that Microsoft's hybrid approach is much less restrictive than the product lines offered by Amazon and Google.

Although specifics of the announcement have not been revealed, critics were not surprised by HPE's decision to side with Microsoft.

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Anthony Spadafora
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