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Lenovo looking to expand business through gaming

Lenovo is joining forces with a couple of unexpected partners, as it tries to expand its business by going into unmarked territories.

The Chinese computer makers have announced that they’re teaming up with an indie game development studio called Dark Rift, as well as a couple of “key industry influencers”, as they call Rooster Teeth, Funhaus, Felicia Day, Nerdist, Michele Morrow (part of Nerdist), Geek and Sundry, Machinima, and Inside Gaming, to create an indie game.

Lenovo says the goal of the project is to get involved in the growing and vibrant gaming community, which is why it has decided to crowdsource the entire campaign, instead of just financing it on its own. Indie games are usually much cheaper than full-blown computers games.

“The company will be striving to better understand real gamers and continue to develop the best products possible for players at all levels”, the company said via email.

Behind all the fanfare about “understanding players” and “getting involved”, there’s a simple goal to the whole project, and that is to help Lenovo’s business by increasing its visibility in one of the core computer audiences- gamers.

Looking at how the entire process is set up, this is easy to notice. Lenovo is calling all gamers who wish to participate, to register at, in order to be “a part of the development team”.

However, if Lenovo pulls this off, and creates an awesome indie game together with its key influencers and gamers who usually know what they want, maybe we’ll have something to play in the summer after all.

Lenovo will release the level one game in June 2016.