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What are the similarities between panties and passwords?

People would rather share their passwords than their underwear, and here I am sitting and wondering who comes up with these survey ideas.

None other than Kaspersky has asked Europeans a few questions relating to their passwords and their underwear, and the answers are, well I don’t know the proper adjective do describe them. Smelly, I guess?

Overall, just under half (44 per cent) of respondents say they have shared their passwords with colleagues, family or friends, with a significant number happy to do so again. This compares to a mere one in four (26 per cent) who would be willing to share their underwear with another person.

In a blog post regarding passwords and panties, Kaspersky says that “citizens of the Netherlands and United Kingdom are the most cyber savvy, as roughly a third of them owns more passwords than pairs of underwear.” I wouldn’t call that cyber savvy, I’d send them some panty shopping!

The French were the worst, with 58 per cent saying they change their passwords less than twice a year. The Spanish with 46 per cent and Danes with 45 weren’t doing much better, either. The Germans came out on top with 36 per cent.

When it comes to sharing passwords, the Dutch are the most secretive, as only 38 percent of them admit to sharing their password with someone they know. The worst performing nations were the Italians (46 per cent), the Danes (47 per cent) and certainly not the French (51 per cent).

The goal of this “survey” is to raise people’s attention on how often they change their passwords.

“The majority of people change lingerie regularly — almost every day or even more often. As for passwords, only one in two renew them at least every six months. Others keep the same passwords for years, if not forever.”

With the survey, Kaspersky tells everyone to treat their passwords as they treat their underwear.