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Almost a quarter of Brits bank online with no protection

People are usually pretty careful when banking online, but there’s a significant amount of Brits that risk a lot by handling their finances online without proper protection.

These are the results of a survey carried by security firm ESET. It examined the online banking habits of at least 1,000 internet users in the UK and has found out the following:

More than half of Brits (59 per cent) use online banking services

Eleven per cent do so without any security protection

Twelve per cent don’t know if they’re protected or not

The study was carried out by ESET in quarter three of 2015 and also revealed that Brits mainly use their online banking services to check the status of accounts, however other findings revealed that a worrying 16 per cent of respondents will log into online banking portals from any device available.

The survey also documented the preferred network internet users most often use when connecting to their online banks. Home networks were the most popular with 82 per cent, while fortunately only four per cent admitted to logging in via public Wi-Fi networks.

Commenting on the study findings Mark James, security specialist at ESET, said: “While it’s really positive to see that the majority of Brits do have security software on the devices they bank online with, I still feel concerned for the other 11 per cent who could be unwittingly opening up their bank account to attack. It is recommended that all internet-enabled devices have at least some form of security. It is also worrying to see that so many people admit to logging into online bank accounts from any device they have available. This could also open them up to risks as they will not be 100 per cent sure the device has any security protection or that is hasn’t already been compromised.”