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HPE looking to strengthen its IoT position through Edge

Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced today new Internet of Things (IoT) systems and networking solutions.

The systems are called HPE Edgeline IoT systems, and they're the result of a joint partnership between HPE and Intel. Hewlett Packard Enterprise said the systems “sit at the network edge, enabling customers to securely aggregate and analyse data in real-time and control devices and things”.

The systems are available in ruggedized, mobile and rack-mounted versions and have been certified to work with Microsoft Azure IoT Suite. Their use will be diverse, from industry, logistics and transportation, to healthcare, government and retail.

The company said the first new HPE Edgeline IoT Systems are available now and unify IoT data access with device management, configuration and control. Products include HPE IoT System EL10 and EL20.

At the same time, HPE company Aruba announced the industry's first cloud-based beacon management solution for multivendor Wi-Fi networks.

The sensors combine a small Wi-Fi client and BLE radio, which enables organizations to remotely monitor and manage Aruba Beacons across existing multivendor Wi-Fi networks from a central location using the Meridian cloud service. The new Sensors are designed to allow any company to introduce location-based services, using Aruba Beacons and Sensors at the edge, and the Meridian cloud service to interface with business and analytics applications.

"The new solutions today are important elements of our strategy of delivering more connectivity and computing power at 'the edge,' and helping customers maximize the value and minimize the risks from IoT at the speed of business,” said Antonio Neri, Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Enterprise Group at Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

All HPE Edgeline IoT systems are now available in the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom and Japan, while the Aruba Sensors are available for order starting today.