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HPE pushes business outcomes over hard sells at Discover 2015

Having spent the last couple of days listening to HPE executives and wandering around the expo floor at Discover 2015, one thing that has been highlighted is the company's significant change of strategy.

This new strategy was explored in yesterday's keynote session and is based around four key transformation areas: Transform to a hybrid infrastructure, Protect your digital enterprise, Empower the data-driven enterprise and Enable workplace productivity.

At a press roundtable today, hosted by several HPE executives, we delved a bit deeper into what these four areas mean for customers and partners. The key message was that, rather than the traditional method of simply selling products and services, HPE will be selling business outcomes.

This is a change of mindset more than anything else, both for HPE and for its customers. Rather than hunting for a specific product to fill a need, customers can communicate exactly what outcome they want to achieve, enabling HPE to provide a personalised suite of IT solutions consisting of a combination of hardware, software, infrastructure or services.

As it was so succinctly put in the roundtable this morning: "It is the whole of HPE that is the solution." There will be collaboration across departments and in this new HP where employees are encouraged to "think differently, speak differently and dress differently" agility and speed will be the orders of the day.

There has also been plenty of talk on partnerships rather than customers and the importance of creating relationships, both of which complement this change of direction.

HPE may only be a month old, but it has quickly put in place a clear plan for the future and it will certainly be interesting to see how things develop over the next few months.