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Ad blocking pioneer proclaims telco growth

The concept of integrating ad blocking technologies has been gaining traction among telecommunications companies globally, according to the Chief Marketing Officer of Shine, the startup that pioneered the technology.

Sine’s Roi Carthy cited EE and O2’s plans to review the mobile ad technology as a development in the telco industry and was seen as an impossible act a year ago.

On top of that, further proving the popularity of the technology is former Vodafone European head Philipp Humm‘s jump into the board of directors of Shine. According to Carthy, this gives them the advantage to tap on even more telcos, through Humm’s vast connections in the industry.

“There are dozens of carriers within our funnel at the moment and things are accelerating faster than we could have imagined. I can say there is no single major carrier or carrier group that is not exploring whether to launch ad blocking, but how to launch it – it’s got to that stage,” Carthy said.

The startup has previously highlighted the importance of ad blocking software given that such advertisements consume their subscribers’ data. It has put out an advertisement in the Financial Times earlier this year, which has later raised awareness to a number of telcos.

Shine’s first customer is Digicel, which is working on a mobile ad ban at a network level initially in Jamaica.

Despite the good news Shine may bring to these telcos’ subscribers, there has been accusation from analysts in the online advertising community that the startup is causing “hysteria and paranoia” over the issue.

Restraining mobile ads may highly affect the mobile advertising industry, which is reportedly worth £2 billion in the UK alone.

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