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Facebook update lets you chat with businesses in real time

Facebook has recently made a crucial update for its business users in its page plug-in, which will allow users to add a message box and event information to their pages.

The update is pretty much the same as having the normal conversation via messenger. However, it gives a bigger impact for businesses who will get a much easier reach from its customers.

This update, which has been part of the social media giant's goal since it introduced Messenger Business, allows customers to directly inquire or follow-up on products or services by the businesses instead of doing it through the page, making the communication more interactive and real-time.

In addition to this new feature, Facebook is also adding events integration to the Page plugin, allowing users to see any of the moderator's changes to an event on the Facebook Page to the company's website. It will also allow customers to subscribe to and to be notified about any upcoming events.

Similar to Facebook Pages' events, the new feature also allows people to see - through the company website - if the individual has Facebook friends going to the event, without having to check on Facebook. The plug-in is also location-based and will highlight events in an individual's area.

Interested businesses can check out how to enable the feature on Facebook's developer page.

Photo credit: JuliusKielaitis / Shutterstock