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Semantic technology to influence boardroom decisions soon

Digitalization is rapidly transforming the world we live and work in and acting as an enabler for advantage and growth, says a new report by Atos, the digital services provider.

The report, entitled Ascent – Views from our digital future, explores how digital is touching all areas of our life from its potential influence in boardroom decisions through to making our cities safer and even saving lives by reducing the time and cost of bringing new drugs to market.

It also shows how digital is transforming the way we communicate, connect and work. It includes a feature on the five digital apps you might never have thought of - such as “Edible tech” - and a column on the tech terms - that are or soon could be infiltrating our everyday language, for example, sensoration for putting sensors in things.

Among the topics covered in the report are the influence of semantic technology, and the life-saving effects of virtual reality.

Semantic techniques bridge the gap between information and knowledge. Atos illustrates the potential benefits of semantic technology through two exclusive short stories by Flinn Mack, US bestselling author of technology thriller Qubit. Both stories are set in the year 2020. In ‘Glitch?’ a company is struggling to understand how it has been outwitted by a rival with the use of semantic technology. In ‘Sunshine!’ we meet a second company as they celebrate a game changing insight.

Virtual reality was presented through medicine. It can currently take up to 10 years to bring a new medicine to market. Digitalization could help speed up the process, enabling a faster response to crises such as the major Ebola outbreak that struck West Africa in 2014.