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Silent Circle launches communication platform with privacy in mind

Enterprise customers are increasingly concerned about the security of their mobile communications, as well as the ability to deliver auditing and compliance information.

Silent Circle (opens in new tab), the Swiss company behind the privacy focused Blackphone, is launching its Enterprise Privacy Platform a set of secure software, services and devices designed to deliver privacy to business and government organisations of all sizes.

Features of the platform include a new Silent Manager which gives designated administrators a simple and easy way to oversee their organisation's use of the Silent Circle platform through a web-based interface. It provides overviews of current users, groups, and plans, as well as a news feed showing relevant information like updates to Silent Circle apps.

The company's Silent Phone app, which encrypts VoIP and messaging services for any iOS or Android device, is now available in two subscription levels - Basic and Plus. Silent Phone Basic allows unlimited member-to-member encrypted voice calling and text messaging for an annual membership fee of $5. Silent Phone Plus provides full functionality to include conference calling, file transfers, attachments, voice mail and direct customer support for $9.95 per month.

Silent World offers enhanced security and flexibility on any mobile device (iOS or Android). It extends the reach of Silent Phone's encrypted calling to regular mobile and landline numbers in 439 destinations, allowing for private conversations to effectively anyone in the world - even to people who don't currently use Silent Phone.

"Building on the momentum of our Blackphone 2 launch, I’m proud to unleash all the work we have done on rebuilding our software and cloud-based Enterprise Privacy Platform," says Bill Conner, President and CEO of Silent Circle. "Our platform delivers unprecedented secure communications with the enterprise management controls necessary for auditing and general oversight. Now governments and global enterprises have a new choice in secure communications that didn't exist before, across any Android or iOS device".

More information can be found on the Silent Circle website (opens in new tab) and the Silent Phone app is available now on Google Play (opens in new tab) and the Apple App Store (opens in new tab).

Image Credit: Sergey Nivens (opens in new tab) / Shutterstock (opens in new tab)

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