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Microsoft's Surface experiencing issues in standby mode

This week Microsoft released a fix for the display driver issue found on the new Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. The issue was caused by the company's decision to adopt Intel's new Skylake chipset and it seems that the problem is not exclusive to the Windows OS.

While Microsoft was able to resolve this issue, the company has not yet been able to fix the problems users are experiencing when it comes to sleep /standby states.

The new Surface has issues when it goes into standby mode. The device does go into standby but not at a level low enough to save power and allow proper cooling. As a result of this it might appear that the Surface is in sleep mode when actually the CPU is still running processes in the background which are draining battery and putting an extra load on the system.

Consumers have voiced a great deal of outrage in regard to this problem because of the way in which it limits the mobility of the device. Microsoft is aware of this issue and is working on a fix for it. However, the update to rectify this problem will not come until early next year which will surely disappoint and frustrate consumers.

Microsoft has released some ways in which users can try to improve the state of their devices before the update is made available. The company recommends not leaving websites which are actively streaming media open when closing the cover of the Surface or putting it to sleep. It is also a good idea to change the device's power settings to disable sleep and only allow hibernating.

The latest Surface has certainly come with its share of issues but the switch to a new chipset often results in these kinds of problems. Hopefully Microsoft's update comes sooner than expected.

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