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Why increasing connectivity is a game changer for small businesses

Connectivity is becoming more and more important for businesses of all sizes. With the digital economy expanding to include companies from all types of industries, not just IT firms, a high level of connectivity is expected at all times.

However, ensuring your connectivity is up to standard requires more than just a landline and smartphones, it means having the network technology needed for fast and reliable communication, which is where 4GEE connectivity comes in. By adopting a reliable and fast network connection, businesses can gain access to a wealth of benefits.

4GEE has already provided excellent results for a number of UK businesses. The reliable connection that it provides enables companies and their employees to work with greater mobility than ever before. Traditional workplace practices are diminishing, as companies and customers demand communication both inside and outside the office. With high-speed connectivity, employees can recreate their office anywhere they need to – sending large files, accessing the cloud, or pushing sales promotions to customers. In a nutshell, it means businesses can achieve greater productivity than ever before.

The network technology being offered by EE promises to be a real game changer for businesses of all sizes. By enabling firms to be more reliable and flexible, they can communicate with customers, work on the move and offer their services to markets outside their immediate geographical vicinity. In fact, a recent YouGov survey found that 60 per cent of high growth businesses value reliable Internet connection as an important enabler for business growth. Clearly connectivity can drive fantastic results for many organisations.

Connectivity, however, relies on more than just reliable network technology. Businesses are also witnessing benefits driven by mobile apps. Connected Retail from EE is a fully-fledged alternative to traditional point-of-sale systems, promising greater mobility and agility for retail businesses. The solution combines a tablet with iZettle, an accessory letting you take card payments, and Shopwave, a bespoke retail app that lets retailers replicate their entire POS system from a tablet. Connected Retail from EE lets businesses take payments, check stock levels, and run full sales reports wherever they are, all using 4GEE. Business applications deliver the level of connectivity required for organisations to remain flexible, productive and competitive. It has meant that retail businesses are not chained to the office, warehouse or shop, because they have everything they need at their fingertips.

A number of retailers have already benefitted from the Connected Retail solution, such as Storeys, a pop-up experience based in London. Storeys is located on the roof of a multi-storey car park and consists of a number of temporary retailers based around food, drink, art, design and more. As a business, Storeys needed technology that was easy-to-use, reliable, simple and mobile – something that wouldn’t have been possible using traditional POS systems. Christopher Arthey, co-founder of Afternoon Delight, the event production company behind Storeys, has stressed the importance of Connected Retail and 4GEE to their business.


“We, 100 per cent, rely on Connected Retail with all of our pop-up experiences,” he said. “Without that we can’t do what we do up-front. We have limited time with the space, so the key thing for us is to get in with an easy system that we can set up, rely upon and get out. EE’s Connected Retail solution just made total sense.”

Similarly, Smart Forms from EE is another business solution that is proving popular with a wide range of companies. By offering a tablet with the Canvas app pre-installed, Smart Forms from EE lets businesses fill out forms digitally, allowing them to move seamlessly towards a paperless environment. This means that organisations no longer need to sort through piles and piles of documents, they can collect details and submit invoices when away from the office, and can essentially make their business mobile. Moreover, by utilising the connectivity and reliability of 4GEE, Smart Forms from EE lets businesses become more streamlined, efficient and productive.

Sunsail, a sailing school and events company based near Portsmouth, used Smart Forms from EE to make capturing and retrieving data a much faster and simpler process. Combining 4GEE network reliability with shockproof and waterproof tablets pre-loaded with the Canvas app, Sunsail is now able to complete boat inventory checks, damage logs, guest information and other routine tasks in a fraction of the time it used to take. Events director Simon Boulding claims that the increased connectivity has led to a “150 per cent increase in data capture” – helping to drive new revenue streams and improve productivity.

Businesses of all sizes are discovering the importance of connectivity, utilising it to deliver many advantages. Communication is the basis of many business processes, whether dealing with employees, customers or clients, so organisations must ensure that they are not only reachable, but able to be productive wherever they are. 4GEE, in particular, has had a profound impact on the way that many businesses operate, letting them escape the confines of the office. By providing reliable and fast network connectivity businesses can not only work remotely, but gain access to innovative and transformative business applications.

With lightning fast speeds of 60Mbps (faster than most people’s average fibre broadband speed) double speed 4GEE means that businesses don’t have to consider mobile working as inferior to completing tasks in-house. EE’s packages also boast award-winning reliability and a number of flexible options for customers. 4GEE is currently available to 93 per cent of the UK population and comes with a variety of data plans and associated devices, including various smartphones and tablets, so there’s likely to be a package that fits the level of connectivity that your business needs.

EE, through its Business Apps and 4GEE high-speed broadband, is using connectivity to transform businesses into more flexible, mobile, reliable and innovative organisations. By embracing digital connectivity, companies can streamline their processes and deliver better services to their customers, without breaking the bank.

Collectively, EE’s connectivity solutions, delivered via the UK’s biggest, fastest and most reliable network, make businesses more efficient, more agile, more competitive and more productive.

Image source: Shutterstock/ a-image