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IBM launches App Exchange marketplace powered by QRadar

In an effort to help combat the growing threat of cybercrime, IBM has announced that it will be allowing developers access to its security intelligence platform QRadar. The company has also decided to launch an App Exchange marketplace to enable security experts to share and distribute the apps they make using this platform.

This latest move by IBM is reminiscent of the company's decision to launch the IBM X-Force Exchange threat sharing platform last April. So far over 2,000 organisations have decided to collaborate with the company to improve their cloud based threat intelligence platform.

While it has only recently launched, IBM's App Exchange marketplace already offers a large number of apps. Bit9+, Carbon Black, BrightPoint Security and Exabeam are just some of the security firms that have developed apps using the company's QRadar APIs. The apps available on the marketplace are free to access and offer a variety of ways to increase security including behavior analytics, threat intelligence searching and reporting, endpoint detection and response, and incident visualisation.

In an update to the QRadar platform, IBM plans to allow users to create custom rules to trigger automatic actions when specific threats have been detected. Apps developed using the platform will also be able to take advantage of this feature.

IBM wants to encourage collaboration across the security industry as a whole to spur innovation and to help combat cyber attacks.

As cyberattacks have become increasingly more sophisticated it is necessary for security companies to work together to remain ahead of the threats they pose to businesses and consumers.

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