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A quarter of IT teams would sacrifice chocolate for better application performance

Application performance is critical to business performance according to 98 per cent of businesses, yet 89 per cent of executives say the poor performance of enterprise applications has negatively impacted their work, and 58 per cent say it impacts their work at least weekly.

This is the key finding of application performance specialist Riverbed Technology's Global Application Performance Survey 2015. 71 per cent of respondents say they have felt frequently 'in the dark' about why their enterprise applications are running slowly, highlighting a disconnect between IT teams and business executives, and 27 per cent would sacrifice chocolate for peak app performance.

"The results of the survey reflect what we're hearing every day from IT leaders who are looking to deliver superior application performance in the midst of rapidly evolving, highly complex and hybrid IT environments," says Jerry M Kennelly, Chairman and CEO of Riverbed. "With apps, data and end users everywhere today, companies need end-to-end application visibility, optimisation, and control everywhere as well to close the performance gap. Riverbed helps organisations improve application performance to drive tangible business benefits and performance".

The top benefits of good app performance are identified as improved employee productivity (51 per cent), time savings (50 per cent), and cost savings (47 per cent). The main effects of poor performance according to respondents are, dissatisfied clients or customers (41 per cent), contract delays (40 per cent), and missing critical deadlines (35 per cent).

When asked what they'd be willing to sacrifice to have peak app performance at all times, 33 per cent of executives said would give up their full lunch break. They would also be willing to give up a portion of their program budget (32 per cent), caffeine (29 per cent), and even chocolate (27 per cent).

Whilst 78 per cent of respondents say that moving key enterprise applications to the cloud has increased productivity, there's evidence that it also increases complexity. 83 per cent of respondents say they believe trouble-shooting application performance issues is more difficult in a hybrid IT environment.

More detail is available in the full report which can be found on the Riverbed website.

Image Credit: alexmillos / Shutterstock