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AVG names and shames naughty Android apps

As most people nowadays rely on smartphone applications to do tasks or to be entertained, security firm AVG Technologies has recently released its updated list of the most battery-draining, as well as the data and storage consuming applications there are today.

According to over a million anonymous devices gathered worldwide, AVG’s report showed that messaging apps Kakao Talk and WhatsApp, as well as social networking apps Facebook and Instagram, remain to be the top apps that drain a device’s battery and use up the users’ storage and data.

AVG said that Wechat is also following suit - the app consumes battery the moment a user turns on his Android device and secretly guzzles the devices’ resources.

In addition, Microsoft’s Outlook is said to be “not playing nicely” as the email application has also made its way to the top 10 resource drainers.

In the gaming sector, Supercell’s Clash of Clans is the tom battery draining game, while My Talking Tom Free and My Talking Angela Free are considered the most resource-draining apps as its graphics and the game-play will consume a lot of the users’ data.

AVG also saw that the usage of the app Ashley Madison - after a hack that exploited a lot of personal information - has been on the rise again since July.

Performance Expert Sandro Villinger said in the AVG Performance & Trends report that the easy drainage of the smartphone’s battery is not always to be blamed to the device, It sometimes may also be due to the app’s intense use of graphics notifications, and background checks.

The security firm advises users to turn of notifications and data-consuming functions when running out of juice or data, to allow your device to last a little longer.

Image source: Shutterstock/Lenka Horavova