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Large businesses are failing to prepare for failures

Dimensional Research has released a new report entitled “Major Incident Management trends 2016” based on the information it received from conducting a survey of 400 IT professionals.

According to the report commissioned by xMatters, Inc., 90 per cent of large businesses experience major IT incidents throughout the year while only half of these companies have a dedicated team in place to deal with these matters.

The survey discovered that almost two thirds of IT departments have set target resolution times in the event of a major incident. Of the IT departments that do, three quarters of them routinely exceed these target times. Dimensional Research also found that almost 60 per cent of large organisations experience a major IT outage monthly.

IT departments and business leaders are in agreement of what constitutes a major incident and this has helped both sides realise the severity of these incidents and the loss of business that accompanies them. As companies have begun to rely more heavily on digital infrastructure the rate at which these incidents occur and the impact they have on companies have both increased.

In March, Dimensional Research released a prior survey which showed how improved IT alerting systems benefit businesses and how poor incident communication increased downtime. Both surveys stressed the need for effective communication between employees and their IT departments.

The IT professionals surveyed for the latest survey by Dimensional Research mostly came from the United States, Europe, Asia, Mexico, Central America, South America, Australia and New Zealand. Large and medium enterprises were both surveyed and came from a variety of industries including financial services, manufacturing, technology, healthcare, and education.

Acknowledging weakness in communication and the way in which large businesses are inadequately prepared for major incidents will help highlight the ways in which the IT industry can further prepare for and prevent these occurrences in the future.

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Leszek Glasner

Anthony Spadafora
After living and working in South Korea for seven years, Anthony now resides in Houston, Texas where he writes about a variety of technology topics for ITProPortal.