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New analytics platform takes the pain out of search for enterprises

Enterprises have lots of data that could be used to improve their operations and profitability, but it can often prove hard to access. By contrast, users are accustomed to being able to instantly find information on search engines like Google with minimal effort.

Business intelligence company ThoughtSpot aims to bridge this gap with the launch of ThoughtSpot 3, a major update to its search-driven analytics platform.

The software has three key components, DataRank is a machine learning algorithm that sorts and presents data recommendations as you type. It guides users to the right results based on data properties and the collective intelligence in the company, helping people to get answers faster.

AutoJoins automatically graphs data sources and joins tables in real-time to calculate answers across previously siloed databases. Finally PopCharts creates instant graphs and charts as you type in ThoughSpot's search box. PopCharts chooses from over a dozen new chart types and automatically presents the best one for each search. These results can be saved to a dashboard for future reference.

"People want to make smart data-driven decisions as quickly as possible. They have come to expect it in their personal lives. Two billion people use search everyday to get instant answers when it comes to booking travel, trading stocks, and finding jobs - activities previously managed by experts. With ThoughtSpot 3 we’re providing the same service to business professionals looking to make smarter decisions every day at work," says Ajeet Singh, co-founder and CEO of ThoughtSpot.

"With the release of ThoughtSpot 3, every human now has the power to search to analyse all of their company data as easily as they use search in their personal lives".

ThoughtSpot 3 is available now and you can find more information on the company's website.