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Facebook at Work will be coming to a business near you next year

Facebook is nearly ready to unveil the business oriented version of its social networking platform. This new version of the popular site designed to help employers, employees and clients connect will be called Facebook at Work.

Profiles, groups, pages, events, and messages will all be available and will function in much the same way that they do on Facebook. However to increase productivity and responsible use of the social network, games will not be available on the site. At this point it is still unclear as to whether the actual social network will be used or if Facebook at Work will have its own backend. This could lead to problems where IT networks might end up blocking both versions of the site.

If a business decides to adopt Facebook at Work, all of its employees will be required to set up new profiles. Facebook profiles and Facebook at Work profiles will be entirely separate. It will be up to company administrators to create the necessary pages and groups for their employees. Human resource departments will also have the ability to monitor the activity of their workers to ensure they are being productive.

Facebook is planning to accompany the launch of this professional edition with all of the necessary apps for both iOS and Android. Companies will only be charged if they use the site's premium services and this will be on a per user per month basis. These services include customer support and analytics.

Currently there are over 300 companies that have been testing Facebook at Work for several months now. The Royal Bank of Scotland and Heineken are two notable companies participating in the early testing of the platform. The final version of the service will launch in 2016.

Club Mediterranee, a French corporation which operates vacation resorts, is already planning to use Facebook a Work for all 13,000 of its employees during the upcoming summer season.

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