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Google Cloud SQL gets bigger and better

Google announced today that Cloud SQL is getting bigger and better with the launch of it second generation of the service. The latest version of its cloud hosted MySQL database is a significant improvement on the previous version with improved performance and storage capacity available for the same price.

The 2nd generation of Cloud SQL will scale to 10 Terabytes, and support 15,000 input/output requests per second (IOPS). In addition, it will provide as available storage 104GB of RAM.

Furthermore, Google is also offering, in addition to the improved performance and storage, a CDN facility that stores the content closer to the user. This will make database queries run quicker as the network latency will be reduced significantly.

Google seems keen to attract enterprise developers to its Cloud SQL service, perhaps due to the fierce competition in the cloud database market, which may have influenced Diane Green – who has lately become head of Google’s cloud businesses – to respond to market movement. Amazon, Google's major competitor in this field already has launched its enterprise-class Aurora database engine along with database migration tools, in a bid to attract corporate developers.

In response, Google has launched its improved service - whilst also offering a $300 credit and Google’s sustained use discount during the Beta phase – as a clear message that the 2nd generation Cloud SQL service provides better pricing for the same performance compared to the previous version.

Whether, the latest performance and storage hike will be enough to convince enterprise developers to stay with Google remains to be seen, but better performance and greater storage for the same price can’t be a bad thing.

Photo Credit: Melpomene/Shutterstock