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New Surface puts Microsoft ahead of Apple in tablet sales

The Surface line has matured and it is now a more recognisable brand among consumers. Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book have recently outsold Apple's tablets during the month of October. This is an impressive feat considering the multitude of issues users of these devices have experienced since their launch.

The Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book have both suffered from poor battery life and are affected by an issue that keeps their CPUs running while in sleep mode. Both devices also have trouble waking from sleep mode and often do so slowly. In addition to this, some users have reported that their machines are generating a lot of heat. The Surface Book also has an issue where the machine's display will randomly turn on or off both in tablet mode and when it is docked to its base station.

Microsoft is doing its best to address these issues by releasing updated drivers and a list of tips and tricks that will help prevent issues in sleep mode. The company has also published a note from the Surface Team thanking Surface users for all of their feedback in regard to these issues. Microsoft expects to have a finalised fix for these issues by early 2016.

According to the analyst firm 1010data, Microsoft was ahead of Apple during October with 45 per cent of online sales while Apple only had 17 per cent of online sales. The recent release of the new Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book is most likely responsible for this increase in sales.

However, the Surface line could be in a position to lose further sales if Microsoft is unable to quickly resolve the issues faced by the first adopters of these devices.

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