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Qualcomm delivers 24-core server CPU

Last year, in November 2014, Qualcomm announced a plan to produce a 24-core server CPU. Today, just over 12 months later the company has announced it is offering samples of the 24-core server CPU to potential clients.

It has also set up a company in China to exclusively promote and sell these new CPUs, which is a signal of intent that Qualcomm is serious about moving headfirst into the server based CPU market.

Although Qualcomm is keeping details of its new 24-core server CPU under wraps for the moment – for example it has not announced a model number or name for the product - but is saying that it may even have more cores in the near future.

Qualcomm is suggesting that the new CPU will be ideally suited to Big Data mining and machine learning – but the latter is a very specialist field that few CPU manufactures have shown much interest. Indeed one of the keenest participants in the field of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence is Google which seems to be going down the road of Quantum computing (opens in new tab) to satisfy its processing requirements.

Despite Qualcomm’s intentions in the field of machine learning being clear, what it is demonstrating is clear intent to enter the mainstream server market. As a result, the 24-core CPU has been verified to work in virtualisation scenarios, such as running VM software and supporting Linux.

Moreover, Qualcomm is focused on establishing strategic partnerships with companies such as Xilinx and Mallanox Technologies, which would facilitate a quick entry into the mainstream server marketplace.