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8 in 10 businesses faced security issues in 2015, but 2016 will be more secure

A recent report into the threats facing IT professionals found that 80 per cent of organisations experienced a security incident in 2015.

The study “Battling the Big Hack” was commissioned by Spiceworks and also revealed that the number of threats had not dented security confidence, with 71 per cent expecting their company to be more secure in 2016.

Increased investment in IT security is expected to be a key weapon against potential incidents. The report found that 36 per cent of IT professionals predicted more money to be spent on intrusion detection, 24 per cent on penetration testing and 22 per cent on advanced threat protection.

Sanjay Castelino, vice president of marketing at Spiceworks, believes that IT teams are beginning to tackle the growing security threat head on.

“The results show that IT professionals feel responsible for the security of their organisation’s data, and in a world where technology is getting more complex and organisationally distributed, their jobs aren’t getting any easier,” he said. “In reaction to these challenges, they’re being more proactive about preventing security incidents and breaches by learning about new threats, regularly educating employees about risks, and investing in more advanced security solutions.”

It is also promising that respondents were able to highlight many of the key security risks that will likely surface in 2016. Approximately half of all respondents were concerned about malware attacks next year, which aligns closely to the 51 per cent professionals that reported malware incidents in 2015. 39 and 37 per cent of respondents identified data theft and password breaches respectively as potential risks in the coming year, while 49 per cent were concerned regarding individual hackers.

As a sign that IT departments are recognising new internal threats, such as shadow IT and BYOD, 80 per cent of those surveyed believe that lack of understand is the biggest security challenge currently facing IT departments.