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Rapidly deployable infrastructure needed for DevOps success

A new study has found that many organisations are struggling to deliver the infrastructure required for users to make the most of an agile DevOps environment.

The Qualisystems survey sought opinions from almost 650 architects, engineers, IT managers and other members of staff on the importance of rapidly deployable infrastructure.

The results make for disappointing reading, with 75 per cent of respondents unable to deliver infrastructure within a typical workday. In fact, most organisations require more than a week to deliver infrastructure to end users.

The challenge facing organisations is emphasised by the fact that more and more applications are reliant on a mixture of both physical and virtual infrastructure. Currently, 40 per cent of application environments require both types of infrastructure. Private cloud is also growing in importance for application workloads and is now used in 30 per cent of all cases, with this number expected to hit 40 per cent within the next two years.

Joan Wrabetz, CTO of Qualisystems, believes that the increasing complexity of applications will push more organisations to adopt a private cloud environment.

“We see the demand on enterprises and service providers to deliver more complex applications and software-defined services as a major driver in the growth of private clouds, especially in devtest labs and DevOps oriented data centres,” he said. “This emphasises the need to provide development, test and QA teams with Sandboxes that allow them to mimic complex private cloud infrastructure from development all the way to production.”

Although DevOps has provided a number of benefits for software developers, particular in terms of automation, the survey indicates that there are still challenges to be overcome, particularly regarding issues of complexity. Gaining a better understanding of the gap between test environments and real-life production environments is vital.

Image Credit: Shutterstock/Sergey Nivens

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