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Companies expect to be more secure in 2016

While 80 per cent of organizations experienced a security incident in 2015, 71 per cent of IT professionals expect their organizations to be more secure in 2016.

Those are the results of a new survey conducted by Spiceworks, which explored IT professionals’ perceptions of the biggest IT security threats.

The study, “Battling the Big Hack”, also looked at the steps these professionals are taking to prevent security incidents and breaches and make their businesses more secure.

Looking at the biggest threats in 2015, and the challenges they’re expecting to face in 2016, there was little surprise: malware, data theft and independent hackers are among the top scares. The end user is the biggest challenge when it comes to IT security, and some IT professionals believe “shadow IT” also poses a risk.

IT professionals are also concerned about devices that have access to company data but provide less control to protect end users from breaches, such as mobile devices. IT professionals are enforcing end-user security policies to secure them from breaches, and are regularly educating their employees on how to keep safe.

“The results show that IT professionals feel responsible for the security of their organization’s data, and in a world where technology is getting more complex and organizationally distributed, their jobs aren’t getting any easier,” said Sanjay Castelino, VP of Marketing at Spiceworks. “In reaction to these challenges, they’re being more proactive about preventing security incidents and breaches by learning about new threats, regularly educating employees about risks, and investing in more advanced security solutions.”