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Microsoft Edge continues where Internet Explorer left off

Microsoft must have hoped that in walking away from Internet Explorer and moving towards Edge it could successfully shake off its reputation for producing terrible web browsers.

There's a joke that everyone has used Internet Explorer at some point, even if it's just once to download Firefox or Chrome; sadly for Microsoft, it seems the trend continues.

The launch of Windows 10 provided an opportunity to attract a new audience to Microsoft Edge, but people are still jumping ship. It's likely that Edge's continued lack of extension support (opens in new tab) is partly to blame, but usage stats from numerous analysts paint the same picture: Edge is tanking.

Even looking at just the last three months, Edge's usage numbers have been in sharp decline both in the US and globally. Different analysts provide slightly differing figures, but there is definite agreement on the general downward trend. With the numbers suggesting that in the last few months Edge has lost up to 10 per cent of its user base, Microsoft will be unhappy with the news.

Computerworld (opens in new tab) has produced a graph based on data from Net Applications, StatCounter, and DAP, all of which agree that Microsoft Edge is shedding users like a lizard stepping out of its skin.


Perhaps this analysis will make Microsoft reconsider the wisdom of releasing what is clearly an unfinished product.

Photo credit: Johavel (opens in new tab) / Shutterstock (opens in new tab)