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New solution catches insider threats before breach occurs

For enterprises and government departments the biggest threats can often come from within the organisation rather than outside it.

Detecting these insider threats can be difficult which is why security company Eastwind Breach Detection (opens in new tab) is launching a new platform that uses rich data, behavioural analytics, and threat intelligence to pinpoint anomalous behaviours even before they're classified as breaches.

"Government and enterprise IT professionals today fight a complicated battle," says Paul Kraus, CEO and founder of Eastwind Breach Detection. "Between API-driven apps, distributed work teams, and a global army of hackers that never sleeps, black hats constantly find new and creative ways to break into networks. Eastwind arms security teams with an intelligent defense: a way to reliably detect hackers in the network before they act".

By storing and mining more than a year's worth of rich network metadata, Eastwind can examine not only current network conditions, but continually analyse historical data against updated threat sources to find breaches that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

A customisable set of dashboards displays suspicious activity, such as pings by known malicious IPs, while a brief weekly summary of activity and network health saves users the time needed to compile the big picture themselves.

It can be deployed on private clouds with custom data enrichments, lookup rules, and custom application scanning. It can also monitor network activity for other purposes, such as acceptable use policy enforcement and compliance. Eastwind can also detect the possible transmission of stolen data such as payment details. Smart alerts mean fewer false positives allowing admins more time to investigate real issues.

Gregg Frohman, VP of Business Development at Eastwind points out, "Protecting the perimeter remains critical to a defense-in-depth strategy. However, we read daily how these solutions alone are getting thwarted by ever-changing tactics. Pre-breach prevention and post-breach detection go hand-in-hand, and we are partnering with a growing number of end-point protection providers to increase each other's overall effectiveness".

You can find more information on Eastwind Breach Detection (opens in new tab) and sign up for a free trial on the company's website.

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