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We know what you'll be doing online this Christmas

According to a study of Wi-Fi habits, from Xirrus, at Christmas time most respondents go out, get online, check work emails and then go home. Most respondents to the survey said that the most important consideration when it comes to public Wi-Fi is that it’s free.

While respondents were most likely to be in the pub when accessing free Wi-Fi, they were also most likely to check work email first and then transport home.

Lack of security is a distant concern compared with getting connected and how fast the connection is. Only six percent of respondents make a point of reading the terms and conditions, while most respondents would gladly give away personal details or sign up to sales literature in return for a free Wi-Fi connection. From a company policy point of view, people accessing work email through an unsecured connection is one of the most worrying aspects.

Twenty-one percent of respondents were most frustrated by restrictions on the sites they could access. Luckily these restrictions should not apply to the two percent of respondents who think they’ll use free Wi-Fi to watch the Queen’s Speech on Christmas Day.

Bruce Miller, VP of product marketing at Xirrus, said, "We’d all like to switch off completely around Christmas time, but most of us still need to check work emails and want to post to Facebook, Instagram or any other social channel. Public Wi-Fi isn’t always secure – either for your passwords, credit card details or work emails – so be careful.”

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