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Microsoft acquires Ray Ozzie startup Talko

Microsoft has once again stepped into the market and acquired a Ray Ozzie company. This time it is Talko, a Boston based startup that uses smartphone apps to help communities and workgroups collaborate.

Though no terms were disclosed, other than that Ray Ozzie would not be rejoining Microsoft, it became clear that Microsoft is taking the whole software development team based in Seattle, San Francisco and Boston, enabling Talko to live on in some form within the Skype project.

Talko is not the first Ray Ozzie startup for Microsoft to acquire and those with long memories might recall when Microsoft engulfed Groove Networks ten years ago. This was another Ozzie company and some of the startup’s technology ended up in SharePoint. However, Grooves revolutionary synch technology - viewed as Groove’s secret sauce - ended up in OneDrive.

Despite this, the speculation at the time, based on Gates high regard for Ozzie, was that Groove was an acquihire, with the main intention to grab the talented software development stars, most notably Ozzie himself.

History may be repeating itself here with Microsoft and Ray Ozzie, though the man himself has said he will not be returning to Microsoft where he was once Chief Software Architect – even stepping in for Gates himself.

With Skype’s distribution and leadership, this could be a perfect fit for Talko software and as Ozzie wrote, “unique opportunity for both the team and technology. It’s a chance to make a broad impact with their work,” And though he acknowledged, “That this was not the path Talko had planned, he is proud of the team and what it built and refined.”