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Royal Mail Acquires cloud platform NetDespatch

The Royal Mail announced today that it has acquired NetDespatch, a cloud based platform for parcel management.

The cloud platform NetDespatch aims to improve the communication between retailers, and their customers via the national carrier by improving the logistics through its parcel management and tracking, thereby giving the whole supply chain greater visibility in the delivery path.

The system also creates shipping labels and the documentation required by the shipper to ensure that the parcel can be tracked throughout the journey from retailer to customer.
With the explosion in eCommerce trade and shipping of data across borders, Royal Mail needed a modern cloud based parcel management system and NetDespatch - with over 100,000 customers in over 100 countries - fits the requirements.

“Our aim is to make what is a relatively complex process simple, delivering improvements and savings to everyone in the supply chain, from retailer to carrier to consumer,” said Matthew Robertson, commercial director at NetDespatch. “E-commerce is exploding in the run-up to Christmas, and we expect to continue to steam ahead in 2016 and beyond.”

Royal Mail said the takeover would boost its e-commerce credentials: “It allows customers with complex IT estates to integrate with us quickly and with the minimum of effort, allowing them to improve the service they offer to shoppers,” said Nick Landon, managing director at Royal Mail Parcels.

Neither company where willing to reveal the financial terms of the acquisition, but Royal Mail did confirm that NetDespatch would continue to operate as a standalone subsidiary, allowing the cloud company to continue serving its existing clients under the leadership of directors Matthew Robertson and Matthew Clark.