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Microsoft's Surface Hub is delayed again with a price increase

Microsoft has decided to push back the release date of its Surface Hub videoconferencing systems and to raise the prices of both the 55-inch and 84-inch model by $2,000. The company had originally planned to release these new systems running a custom version of Windows 10 in fall of 2015 but this is the second time their release has been delayed.

Pricing for the Surface Hub line was set at $6,999 for the 54-inch model and $19,999 for the 84-inch model by Microsoft in August. On December 22nd, the company decided to bump up the price of both models to $8,999 and $21,999. Officials at Microsoft have said that the price increase was necessary to deliver the best product experience for their customers. Lucky customers who preordered the systems will be receiving their systems at their original price. Microsoft expects to begin shipping the first wave of devices in the first calendar quarter of 2016.

The Surface Hub is a successor to Microsoft's large screen Perceptive Pixel displays which were used by CNN during their coverage of the 2008 U.S. Presidential elections. The new updated large screen devices will be pre-assembled, coming with customised multi-touch and digital-ink enabled collaboration systems geared towards use in boardrooms and presentations. Both models of the Surface Hub will include custom versions of OneNote, Skype for Business and Microsoft's Office apps. They will also be compatible with Universal Windows apps that are available to download via the Windows Store. The Surface Hub will come packaged with a wireless keyboard and two pens to facilitate collaboration right out of the box.

Even with their slightly higher price point, the two versions of Microsoft's Surface Hub will appeal to large and small businesses that want an easier way to share ideas and work together on a large screen.

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Anthony Spadafora
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