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Evolve or die: 5 industries radically changed by the internet

The digital revolution has resulted in disruption to many industries, with whole new business models created, new brands rising to the top of many industries and those companies failing to adapt, falling by the wayside.

The digital age has impacted industries in both goods and service - from travel and transport, to publishing, retail and music. The switch from physical to digital has revolutionised both the production and distribution of books and music.

As a result, many high street retailers have fallen by the wayside as physical sales slowed and prices have dropped. Retail businesses across the board have felt the impact of the internet’s expansion, as online-only businesses have risen to the top of their industries, like Asos, or expanded rapidly across multiple industries, most notably with Amazon.

Service industries have been equally impacted with travel agents struggling to keep up as travellers organise their own trips directly with airlines and hotels. Travel agents who haven’t developed a comprehensive online offering have become redundant in the digital age. Similarly, old school taxi firms and have felt the effects of online booking services like Hailo and Uber. Even the infallible A-Z book of maps has been impacted as online maps and city planning apps become freely available.

Follow the infographic below to discover which businesses have flourished and which haven’t survived as the digital revolution has taken hold.

How 5 Industries were Changed By The Internet

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