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New Google stats highlight the growing IPv6 trend

New data released by Google has shown that the uptake of IPv6 - the most recent version of the internet communications protocol - has grown considerably in the last 12 months.

Google revealed that 10.09 per cent of all traffic to its websites was made of IPv6 connections as of 2 January 2016, nearly double that from the same time last year when the number was 5.47 per cent.

In terms of the number of IPv6 connections made per country, Belgium is currently leading the way with 44.32 per cent, followed by Switzerland with 30.89 per cent and the US with 25.63 per cent.

As things stand the UK is a long way behind, with IPv6 connections to Google sites taking place just 2.95 per cent of the time. That's pretty disappointing seeing as the UK is supposed to be one of the great pioneering countries in technology, but this figure will no doubt improve as the need to switch becomes more pressing in 2016.

Last year the American Registry of Internet Numbers (ARIN) urged companies to consider IPv6, saying: “ARIN encourages customers to seriously undertake a review of what they will need to make the switch to IPv6,” the organisation said.

“The internet is evolving and, as it changes and expands into new territories like the IoT, IPv6 will play a critical role."