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5 things that every technology company office should have

With the war for the best digital and IT talent as fierce as ever, your office interiors are a crucial aspect of recruiting and retaining the best people. As such, I've taken a look at the essential ingredients for creating the ultimate workplace.

A choice of comfortable spaces

Increasingly, the office is being seen as a place for work, rest and play. This needs to be reflected in your office layout. As well as open plan desking and partitioned meeting rooms, more informal breakout areas and the office kitchen are excellent alternative spaces for informal meetings and collaborations.

Mike Walley, a workplace expert who has helped technology brands including Adobe and Nuance with their workspaces agrees: “When it comes to collaborative spaces, it's about the conversation not about the meeting. It could be the addition of a rug or drop lights, little things that make people feel comfortable.”

A good office task chair

Acoustic meeting pods and bar stools are great furniture choices for many technology firms – but not at the expense of a good office chair. With people often sitting at their desks for long periods it is important to choose a chair that encourages movement and has ergonomic elements such as lumbar support for the lower back.

Colourful walls

Drab office interiors is a regular complaint from disgruntled employees and finishing touches like feature walls and graphics are often forgotten by companies when completing an office fit out or refurbishment.

Using your corporate colours in your reception area or incorporating your brand values as wall graphics in communal areas creates a stronger identity.

Natural light

Natural light increases creativity and productivity. Consider whether a glass partitioned meeting room can be replaced by an acoustic booth or high backed meeting chairs that provide partial visual and sound privacy.

Furniture choices such as desks with white, grey or light wood tops, which better reflect light will also make your office brighter.

Integrated technology

As a technology firm, your office is a great way to showcase the workplace tech that is currently available. Wireless charging from brands such as AirCharge help people to charge devices such as mobile phones and laptops without using any cables.

We have certain clients using iPads in all meeting rooms to display their availability in real time and others synchronising them with their office coffee machine so it makes your morning brew just how you like it.

Graham Smith, marketing director at K2 Space