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Bango boost brings carrier-billing to Windows App Store

Bango, a UK company based in Cambridge, has announced an agreement for integration with Microsoft to deliver carrier-billed payments across Windows 10 devices.

The Bango platform will enable for the first time customers running Windows 10 on their PC or tablet to charge payments to the user’s phone bills and this will now become available to Windows Store customers.

Microsoft and Bango believe that millions of new customers will now be easily accessible to the plethora of app and game developers using the Windows store market. Furthermore, with Microsoft recently announcing that uptake of Windows 10 has grown to 200 million devices – up from 110 million devices three months ago - running Windows 10. This means a vast potential market for consumers that are using the Windows Store to acquire a plethora of applications and entertainment content.

Bango is working with Microsoft and mobile operator partners globally to ensure maximum coverage for this payment method. Specific operator availability will be announced later this month as they are launched on the Bango Boost platform. For the Operators the benefit from the Bango Boost technology is through the growth in carrier billing – in some instances by over 70 per cent according to Bango CEO Ray Anderson.

Anderson said: “We have enjoyed our collaboration with Microsoft for the Windows Store so it is a major milestone that Microsoft is now adopting this payment method across Windows 10.

“Operators using the Bango Payment Platform will get to market quickly and can then use Bango technology to maximise their Windows 10 revenue.”