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Big mobile app growth driven by phablets and the same old users

Overall mobile app usage grew by 58 per cent in 2015 according to the latest figures from Flurry, Yahoo's mobile advertising and analytics platform, which tracked over 3.2 trillion sessions over the course of the year.

With the exception of games, which showed a one per cent drop, every app category posted year-on-year growth. Personalisation leads the way, up 322 per cent, news and magazines are up 135 per cent, and productivity also shows triple-digit growth up 125 per cent.

Writing on the Flurry Tumblr, Simon Khalaf, SVP, Product and Engineering, Publisher Products at Yahoo says, "What was even more impressive is the majority of that growth rate came from existing users versus new users. In fact, in 2015, we estimate that 40 per cent of the 58 per cent total growth in sessions came from existing users, compared to 20 per cent in 2014 and 10 per cent in 2013."

Looked at by devices, news and magazine apps, sports apps, and music, media, and entertainment apps all saw faster growth on phablets - a spectacular 721 per cent in the case of news and magazines.

Time spent using mobile devices is up too, increased by 117 per cent overall. Once again phablets lead the way with a 334 per cent growth in usage as compared to 85 per cent on medium phones and 81 per cent on small tablets.

More details on the findings can be found on the Flurry Tumblr blog.

Photo Credit: 3Dstock / Shutterstock