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Microsoft shows off what it knows about Windows 10 users

Amid claims that Windows 10 is not collecting data from its users, Microsoft’s recent blog post on its OS usage may just state otherwise.

Windows 10 is now active on 200 million devices, a milestone that Microsoft’s Corporate VP of the Windows and Devices Group Yusuf Mehdi announced just this week.

Further underscoring the extensive usage on its newest OS, the company revealed that in December alone, users spent over 11 billion hours on Windows 10, over 44.5 billion minutes in Microsoft Edge across Windows 10 devices in just the last month, and
over 2.5 billion questions have been asked of Cortana since launch.

The post even goes on to state some of the usage of its features, such as the number of Bing search queries, the photos viewed in its photos app, and the number of hours spent playing games on the OS. But despite the tech giant’s successes, Martin Brinkmann of gHacks believes that these data points highly indicate that “Microsoft may be collecting more data than initially thought.”

“While it is unclear what data is exactly collected, it is clear that the company is collecting information about the use of individual applications and programs on Windows at the very least,” Brinkmann states.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has updated its privacy policy to clarify how and when the OS tracks and utilises user data.

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