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Cloudability acquires DataHero to clarify public cloud usage

Cloudability, a startup that helps companies track their spending on public cloud infrastructure, announced today that it has acquired data visualisation startup DataHero.

Cloudability enables companies to monitor their data usage on services such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. What makes the DataHero acquisition interesting is that they are both startup companies that emerged at roughly the same time, though they operated in different market segments.

While Cloudability, made its name targeting the public cloud resources such as Amazon, DataHero concentrated on popular SaaS subscription services such as Salesforce. DataHero is a data visualisation tool that aggregates and analyses information about how customers use, MailChimp, ZenDesk, Office 365 and other subscription software services.

These, typically, are two very different types of customers. Public cloud services are usually consumed by technically proficient DevOps whilst SaaS are business orientated consumers.

As a result the acquisition looks like a good fit, as Cloudability enables customers to track spending on cloud resources, which although seemingly cheap can run up large bills if not managed correctly. For example, developers often forget to switch off compute instances after they have finished a project. Similarly, SaaS can run up unnecessary bills for subscribers that no longer require the service. Both these circumstances lead to wasted money paying for resources that are not being utilised.

As Mat Elliss, Cloudability CEO said, “It’s clear cloud is becoming mainstream. It used to be that our power users were the people who signed the purchase order. We’re starting to see real sophistication among the front line users, which indicates that a much broader understanding of why the cloud is so powerful is developing.

"DataHero will allow anyone to import the business metrics they use into Cloudability without needing IT to help.

Photo Credit: Andy Dean Photography/Shutterstock