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Microsoft updates Intune to include Windows 10 support

Microsoft is releasing a service update to its Intune management software within the next week, introducing a number of new features and enhancements.

A large part of the update will be dedicated to Windows 10 support, ensuring that Intune is optimised for a number of features native to Microsoft’s new operating system.

Businesses will now be able to set an additional rule within the Compliance Policy, requiring all Windows 10 devices to pass the Health Attestation Service before they are granted access to corporate data. IT teams will also be able to view any data collected by Windows 10 health attestation whenever necessary. Windows 10 devices will also now support Microsoft Passport for Work, allowing administrators to configure the signing-in and authentication process.

Businesses worried about the security of corporate data on Windows 10 devices are also likely to be reassured by the update. Now organisations will be able to perform a full remote wipe of all Windows 10 desktop devices that are enrolled in Intune.

The Intune update also offers new features for businesses working across Android and iOS platforms. Intune now integrates with Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) for Business and there are also new smart lock settings for all devices using Android Lollipop and above.

The service update is a mixture of important security upgrades, particularly for Windows 10 users, and utility benefits, such as being able to access more information from the Intune platform itself. As with any new operating system, it is up to Microsoft to convince users that Windows 10 is a more reliable offering than its predecessors and improving Intune support will certainly help its cause.

Image Credit: Stanislaw Mikulski / Shutterstock