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Enterprise security spending will increase but SIEM has problems

A new study from 451 Research has revealed that nearly half (44 per cent) of enterprise security managers plan to increase their spending over the next three months.

Despite such a large proportion planning to increase their budgets, respondents highlighted various issues stopping organisations realising the benefits of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions, citing a lack of skills (44.4 per cent) and inadequate staffing (27.8 per cent) as the key obstacles, with only 56.9 per cent of enterprises able to devote more than one employee to SIEM monitoring.

‘Hackers with malicious intent' (41 per cent) asnd navigating compliance requirements (37 per cent) were identified as the top two security concerns and 25 per cent of respondents cited the risk assessment as being a key factor in getting projects approved.

Daniel Kennedy, Research Director for Information Security said: "SIEM solutions hold a lot of promise as the centralised solution for unlocking all the secrets held in the logs of enterprise systems and marrying them with the use of threat intelligence. That promise comes at a cost, SIEM solutions still retain a reputation for being difficult to set up, difficult to add new feeds to, and difficult to tune.

"That said, their value to the enterprise security manager is increasingly understood, and while many SIEM implementations may have started out as a compliance check mark, they have transcended those roots."

Photo Credit: Kutlayev Dmitry/Shutterstock