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5 big data challenges that can be overcome with professional database services

Technology has blessed business owners with a whole lot of tools that they can employ to make their work simpler and more efficient. When it comes to data management services, you can find really fantastic services that will keep your business running at its best.

Accessing good data storage and management technologies should never be a problem in this century. This is especially so considering how much technology is available for the job.

Controlling your business data

Big data is not easy to control at all regardless of how great your technology is. There are so many challenges that you will have to struggle with. This is the main reason why many business owners hire database administrators to do that work for them. Honestly, there is a lot more work for you to be doing rather than watching the data streaming into your account. Therefore you can hire an expert in database administration or better yet contract a DBA company to provide you with these services. It will make your business life so much easier.

The challenges that some businesses face when handling business data are as a result of the technology they have available. The presence of professionals in data IT solutions is also important if a business is going to handle such issues effectively. In general these challenges include things like:

  1. Data storage

Setting up a data warehouse has been touted to be the best way to store business data. The data warehouse is created based on the amount of data that the business is able to turn in. Storage is not such a big issue nowadays especially with the cloud storage facilities available. Companies like Google, Microsoft and others are offering cloud solutions to a majority of business’ data storage problems. The problem with these public clouds is security and that brings us to the next challenge.

  1. Security

You could have the best storage facilities but then without good security it is not going to achieve much. Hackers are not sleeping nowadays, working on powerful technology and targeting unsuspecting individuals to wreak havoc in their lives. Luckily it is not all that difficult to access good data base services (opens in new tab) that will ensure that your security is also up to scratch. Having a database administrator watching over your database is one of the best ways to maintain your security.

Setting up strict security measures will not be a walk in the park really. One of the security measures that you can put in place regards access to the data. Who has permission to access certain data that is stored in your database? If you allow everyone and anyone to waltz in and out of your database then this opens an opportunity for cyber attacks. Security is of special importance if you are handling people’s personal information such as credit card details or even their addresses. It is not possible to get away with poor technology.

  1. Integration of data

As aforementioned, it is healthy for your business to have a data warehouse. It presents a good opportunity for you to store your data. However, a data warehouse being a central location to store all information related to your business brings with it another challenge of data integration. Bringing in data from disparate source systems is made difficult by the differences in the systems. The compatibility of the source systems is a factor that must be considered when integrating data.

  1. Management of the data

Data management involves everything from addition of new data to the database and processing to retrieval and use of the data. What kind of data should be flowing into your database? This is one of the issues that will be addressed by the database administrator you choose to work with. A database administrator will monitor the data that is being added into the system to ensure that malicious content does not find its way into the system.

Secondly, data management involves cleaning out junk and improving the quality of the data that is stored in your database. There is always the temptation to store data that is no longer important to your business. For instance if a customer churns (breaks ties with your business) then it does not make sense to keep their information in your system. In a bid to get as much data as possible many businesses will try to hold on to all data that they can find, even if it is no longer relevant in the growth of the business.

  1. Volumes of data

The biggest challenge in handling of big data is the volume of the data. Big data does not come in small amounts at all. It is always in humongous volumes that require large servers to store it. The sheer fact that the data comes in large volumes presents a problem to many database administrators. The goal of database administration is to ensure that the data is of premium quality (relevant and clean data only) and it is safe. Losing data is not all that difficult.

Seek out a DBA company

When you hire a team of database administrators you will be able to spare yourself from such issues. The only problem with this is that you will have to pay them like all other employees in your business. They will take vacations like everyone else. However, your business does not stop because people are on Christmas holiday because the database will continue accumulating data. This is why a DBA company is a great option to go with. These companies will provide your business with 24 hour monitoring of your database throughout the year. They will also avail multiple options that you can use to handle such challenges.


Handling big data is not a simple task regardless of how much technology is available for it. This is why there are the database administrators and companies that are providing these services.

A database administrator will keep your database functioning at its best, ensuring that there is always storage for fresh data, security is good, data integration is done properly and data management is efficient.

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