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Apple to allow users easier switching to Android

News started popping up of Apple looking for an easier and more convenient way for its users to switch to the Android ecosystem which, if turned out to be true, could prove to be a significant change of direction for the American tech giant.

According to a report by The Telegraph, Apple is developing a simple tool which would allow its users to transfer contacts, images and other data from an iOS system to Android faster and easier.

It would be a significant step away from Steve Jobs’ vision, who once said, during the ongoing battle with Samsung over smartphone dominance, that the company should “further lock customers into our ecosystem”.

Apparently, it was the European telecom operators who were forcing Apple to react. The Telegraph says telecoms feared fewer users witched because it was too much of a hassle.

“The operators fear that the lack of switching weakens their hand in commercial negotiations with Apple, which holds the mobile industry’s strongest card in the iPhone,” the report concludes. “Its popularity among more affluent consumers means operators are dependent on supplies for most of their profits.”

Apple decided not to comment.

9To5Mac says Apple would have never done this “out of the goodness of their hearts”, concluding that it is most likely doing so to avoid any legal action.

“This is just speculation, but it explains why Apple would be cooperative,” the report adds. “In October, Apple said the rate of Android switchers was at the highest point ever for new iPhone sales.”