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BT signs major cloud services contract with the EU

British telecom company BT announced today that it is bringing its cloud service to major European institutions.

Under two new contracts that were signed, BT is set to bring both public and private cloud to 52 major EU institutions. Those include the European Parliament, the European Council and the European Defence Agency.

The two deals are framework contracts which were awarded last December, it was said in the official press release, and their worth is more than €24 million (£18m).

Once the framework contracts are executed, BT will implement private cloud services.

According to the press release, the services will be hosted on a couple of data centres scattered around the European Union. Its geographical location is important, as all customer data will remain inside the EU, and under EU laws and regulations.

The data will be managed from BT’s Compute Management System (CMS).

Corrado Sciolla, President Europe and Global Telecom Markets, BT Global Services, said: “This is a milestone in our journey to be the leading global cloud services integrator, and demonstrates how we minimise the complexity, risks and costs for our customers as they move to the cloud. I’d like to take this opportunity to, once again, thank the EU for putting its trust in BT.”

This is not the first time BT has signed a framework contract with the European Commission – last August it signed one worth €15.2 million (£11.4m), lasting seven years, and another one in March 2015, worth approximately €56 million (£42m). The August deal included voice services, while the March one was signed to deliver dedicated internet access to EU institutions.