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European data centres lacking energy efficiency plans

The Green Grid, an organisation aiming to improve resource efficiency of data centres has asked 150 IT decision makers about any energy efficiency plans their companies might have.

The results are not very encouraging.

According to the report, the majority of organisations are facing pressure to improve energy efficiency, but 43 per cent have no plans to do so whatsoever.

Basically every company (97 per cent) felt it could improve its energy plan. The report says that many are doing work with their eyes closed.

“What our research shows is that while data centres are recognised as a central part of organisations’ energy efficiency strategies, many are operating and making decisions, to a certain degree, in the dark.”

Another problem is related to the way and the type of energy consumed – businesses seem more interested in reducing and predicting cost, rather than going “green”:

“This is likely driven by customer requirements in an extremely competitive marketplace, requiring increasing flexibility and ‘always on’ functionality, despite the common focus on data centres in CSR strategies.”

However, it’s not all darkness and hopelessness in the data centre energy world – the future seems a bit brighter.

“Nearly all those surveyed (are) clearly seeing areas for improvement and 55 per cent (are) stating that energy efficiency was their highest advancement priority.”

The Green Grid also reminds companies how more effort is needed, if the European Commission’s goal to have data centres use at least 80 per cent of renewable energy is to be achieved by 2020.