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W0rm hackers hit Citrix in show of power

Citrix, a US cloud computing company and one of the largest technology companies in the world that serves 330,000 organisations worldwide, was hit by Russian hackers known as W0rm in October.

CyberInt - a cyber security company which claims to have spotted the attack - said it shows that even cutting-edge IT companies are not immune from attack, though Citrix did not respond to requests for comment.

W0rm hit headlines last year when the group hacked into servers belonging to technology website CNET, the Wall Street Journal, and VICE. In all those cases, apparent stolen data from each company was offered up for sale for 1 bitcoin, suggesting the hackers weren't exactly looking for a payday.

W0rm told CNET that its goals were actually altruistic, and that the hack was driven by a desire to upgrade internet security. “By targeting high-profile sites, the group says it can raise awareness about security flaws,” CNET wrote at the time.

Furthermore, W0rm has previously been named as the source of attacks on the BBC, Adobe and Bank of America. However what makes W0rm interesting is that they seem to be somewhere between black and white – as they run legitimate penetrate testing service on the other hand they still operate an online marketplace for stolen databases.

Elad-Ben Meir from CyberInt said: "The truly disturbing thing about this incident is that it shows how easily even very reputable external IT contractors, on whom companies rely to protect their data in the cloud, are vulnerable."

Image source: Shutterstock/GlebStock