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Winds of change blowing through automaker Ford

'Traditional' car makers seem to have finally understood that the transportation industry is changing, and that our roads and garages will look quite differently in the next 50 years.

One of those to act upon the notion of the “winds of change” is Ford Co. Chairman Bill Ford Jr.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Ford is looking to add new business lines, including ride-hailing and renting cars by the minute. It is also looking into autonomous driving and electric vehicles, too.

All of this, however, is still a far cry. Ford will continue doing what it does best – making ‘traditional’ cars with internal combustion engines, and with the economic crisis safely behind us and the oil prices steadily going down, Americans are re-discovering their love for big trucks and SUVs – usually high oil-consuming vehicles.

“To me, it’s a way to reinvent this company that makes it incredibly relevant for the next 50 years,” said Mr. Ford, who has been chairman since 1999. “If we did nothing, we could be consigned over time to an ever-dwindling number of traditional car and truck buyers.”

Reports are also coming out that Ford is in talks with Alphabet’s Google, to form an alliance of sorts, which would see Ford’s vehicles go autonomous. According to these speculations, Ford will set up a separate business dedicated to working with Google.

The American tech giant declined to comment on these speculations, but Ford’s CEO Mark Fields gave us a hint: “We are open to all possibilities.”