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Microsoft R Open to remain open-source

Microsoft has announced new offerings regarding the recently acquired Revolution Analytics and its R language for statistical computing and predictive analytics.

Most importantly – its Revolution R Open is now called Microsoft R Open and will remain open-source and free for download.

You can download Microsoft R Open here.

The company has made four other important announcements. Revolution R Enterprise for Hadoop, Linux and Teradata was renamed to Microsoft R Server, while the Microsoft R Server Developer Edition is now a freeware – with all the features of the commercial version.

From now on, Microsoft Data Science Virtual Machine will come with a prepared Microsoft R Server Developer Edition.

On top of it all, Microsoft R Server will be available for students through its Microsoft DreamSpark program.

"Advanced and predictive analytics is about developing and testing new models. But it's also about their incorporation by developers into production deployments of decision support and automation solutions that can benefit the whole organization. With its new offerings for the R ecosystem, Microsoft is playing an important role in bringing analyst modelling and productivity tools as well as deployment tools to a broader audience," said Dan Vesset Program VP, Business Analytics and Information Management at IDC.

Microsoft closed the announcement by stressing how committed it is to helping everyone build advanced analytics platforms – both in and out of the cloud.

“These announcements reinforce our commitment to making it easy for enterprises, R developers and data scientists to cost-effectively build applications and advanced analytics solutions at scale, both on-premises and in the cloud.”