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APIs are becoming vital to businesses everywhere

APIs have become a key component in enabling businesses, and the pressure to deliver IT services from across the organisation is mounting, a new survey suggests.

According to new findings by MuleSoft, a company that makes it easy to connect applications, data and devices, agility seems to be the number one reason behind why most companies have, or are developing, API strategies. The company surveyed 800 IT industry professionals across Europe.

At the same time, IT professionals are saying the pressure to deliver IT services from across the organisation has increased in the past year. Before, it was just sales and marketing that pressured IT, but now, it has expanded to finance and operations, C-level executives, and research and development.

According to a follow-up press release, “almost 30 per cent of respondents said they are getting ad hoc requests from departmental business groups.”

APIs are an important part of any business, the survey suggests, adding that the top five reasons to have an API strategy in place were enabling applications, agility, ability to enable partners and affiliates, innovation and new channel development.

Four out of five respondents said they expected APIs to generate new revenue streams within next five years.

“IT is now critical to a company’s ability to stay competitive in a rapidly changing business environment,” said Ross Mason, founder and vice president of product strategy, MuleSoft. “IT teams are facing growing pressure from the boardroom and from every corner of the organization. The old IT operating mode is fractured. IT leaders are looking to an API strategy to reduce the complexity of their landscape, unlock assets and enable much greater agility through accessibility and reuse. Organisations are increasingly seeing the benefits of APIs, including the ability to generate value by connecting their existing assets with those of their customers, partners and employees.”